Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Apex celebrates peak performance at G2E

Apex Gaming G2E
Apex Gaming's Clover Link was the talk of G2E, with installations already completed in five US states. Alongside this, the company also presented its Apex..

APEX Gaming offers solutions for every venue at ICE

Casino Review Apex Gaming Kubilay Ozer
The Austrian manufacturer and operator continues to see potential in the European market, while also embracing opportunities in both North and Latin America. APEX Gaming celebrated another successful ICE, with the show offering the chance for the company to connect with its global customer base together in one place. For this year’s edition of ICE, APEX showcased its Pinnacle gaming machine...

Apex Gaming presents record number of solutions on London stage

Casino Review - Apex Gaming presents record number of solutions on London stage
Apex Gaming has a solid track record of bringing solutions to the global gaming market, and at ICE they promise to deliver on this reputation. Their stand will feature a number of innovations, further expanding Apex Gaming’s range of gaming solutions. The company has already seen a number of successful installations of its Pinnacle gaming machine worldwide, while the VIP Premium...

Apex marks a new chapter in luxury gaming

Casino Review Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming showcased its latest luxury gaming solution, VIP Premium, at this year’s G2E.   VIP Premium, a top-of-the-range slot machine from Apex Gaming’s Pinnacle family,received its US debut at this year’s G2E Las Vegas. True to the company’s motto of taking gaming to the next level, all management prowess and experience have flowed into creating the VIP Premium. The complete solution...