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McArthur parked: UK regulator plays down black market threat only weeks before his exit

Gambling Commission Neil McArthur resignation PWC report
UK Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur may have stepped down but just before his resignation he remained resistent to the findings of a PwC report, which revealed the UK’s black market had almost doubled in size. It was, he contended, “not consistent with the intelligence picture”.

Casinos hardest hit in COVID-19 shutdown

People Covid-19 Lorien Pilling GBGC Casino
Lorien Pilling, director of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, discusses some of the conclusions from the latest edition of the company’s Global Gambling Report which suggests the international landbased casino industry could take several years to recover from the business impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Curious Case of the UK casino industry

UK casino gaming industry
Lorien Pilling, director of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, observes that while, on paper, the UK’s landbased casino sector has the potential to be..

Pilling explores why grey matters in Asia

ICR - iGaming Lorien Pilling Grey Matters
Gaming in Asia’s largely unregulated markets can be volatile, but for Isle of Man-based gaming consultant, Lorien Pilling, the rewards of operating in this vast and voracious region can be more than compensatory.   The Asian continent is still many shades of grey for international gaming providers, yet revenue from the region is fast becoming a vital component on many a...

Africa leads the way in ushering in cashless era

Casino Review Africa cashless gaming
A number of regions on the African continent, including Kenya and Nigeria, are seeing a shift in their gaming economy towards a cashless iGaming market, propelled by the rapid expansion of mobile technology.   As the Kenyan government toughened its restrictions on the importation of gaming machines, players in the country were quietly welcoming the country’s first mobile casino app, allowing...

A new power: Online now dominant force in UK gaming

Casino Review Online
Its debut appearance on the regulator’s books and online gaming is already claiming the lion’s share of the UK market. With this rapidly rising sector now controlling a 33 percent stake - and expanding the overall industry by one fifth - is the British model setting the course?   Online gambling has broken the mould in 2016 by becoming the largest...