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Gaming legalisation could be on the cards following Brazilian elections

Luiz Felipe Maia: The Senate’s gaming bill, PLS 186/2014, was rejected by the Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CJJ) on 7 March. Part of the reason for this was due to lack of coordination in the lobbying efforts for the bill, which saw the whole pro-legislation push lose some traction. While the bill can still be voted on by a...

The importance of business friendly regulation is the drum beat at Juegos Miami

Juegos Miami - Day One
The 2017 edition of Juegos Miami is living up to its vision to be a cockpit for gaming debate with an audience of thought leaders providing expert insight on the opportunities and challenges in the region.  The importance of achieving progressive regulation which is business friendly was a constant theme which underpinned many of the discussions.   Ewa Bakun, Clarion Gaming’s...

Brazil still on track for legalisation despite the Rousseff impeachment

Casino Review Brazil
Amid the political turmoil surrounding the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff by the Senate this month both houses of Brazil’s National Congress have continued to work on different bills for the regulation of gambling in the country.   At the end of August, the special gaming committee established by the Chamber of Deputies has finally finished work on their bill which covers...

Brazilian government to vote on gambling legislation in August

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The Olympic Games won’t be the only place in Brazil where all eyes are on the finish line this summer, as two competing bills for regulating gambling are set to be debated in both houses of the National Congress in August.   Weathering a crisis that has seen the country’s economy hit a 25-year low, Brazil continues to consider legislation that...