Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Tag: Mark Brown

Best Sunshine VIP turnover drops, as predicted

Casino Review Best Sunshine Saipan
Rolling chip volume took a tumble at the Best Sunshine casino on Saipan last month – as owner Imperial Pacific Holding’s earlier prediction of market saturation rings true.   August saw VIP revenue at the Best Sunshine casino in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) dip to its second-lowest monthly level, according to the latest filing from operator Imperial Pacific...

Grand Mariana: Chinese VIPs on US soil

Chinese Junket
Mark Brown discusses the Grand Mariana’s plans to roll-out the first junket-style operation within US jurisdiction. “At present, in Saipain we’re dealing with our VIPs on an individual basis. We’re averaging 100 high-rollers a month - and I have a list of 400 “cream of the cream” players which we’ll be running with going forward. We do plan to introduce...

Imperial Pacific: Forging the world’s newest gaming economy

Saipan Mark Brown Imperial Pacific
The US-administered Pacific island of Saipan is fast becoming Asia’s hottest new destination for VIP casino players, thanks to its proximity to China and the high-life offered by Imperial Pacific Holdings’ Grand Mariana development. One of the gaming industry’s leading lights, Mark Brown, talks to Casino Review about the prospects ahead. Chris Webster reports.   Little more than two years ago,...