Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Ortiz celebrates worldwide growth at G2E Las Vegas

Casino Review Ortiz Gaming
Having seen meaningful growth in Asia, Europe and North America over the last year, Ortiz Gaming took the opportunity to display a range of their latest innovations for G2E 2016. G2E 2016 proved a “huge success” for Ortiz Gaming and reflecting the company’s expanding global footprint saw them displaying their products in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Debuting an all new...

‘New’ is the mantra for Ortiz Gaming at G2E

Casino Review Ortiz Gaming
Florida-based Ortiz Gaming heads to G2E this year with new products for every market the company serves.   Ortiz president and CEO Maurilio Silva (pictured), summed up Ortiz’s theme for G2E 2016: “Three words: New, new, new. G2E is a global event. We have spent million in research and development this year, and our stand will reflect that. We will have...