Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Slot to be grateful for in Israeli gaming pact as Ministry negotiates new terms

Casino Review Israel
In another tangled turn to Israel’s approach to gaming law, the Ministry of Finance has agreed to allow the monopoly operator rights to run online lotteries and keno - but no more slots.   Protracted negotiations between the Israeli National Lottery and the Ministry of Finance finally came to a close early in January, when the two parties agreed that online...

Israeli minister recommends blanket ban on slots

Casino Review Israel
Division over the issue of gambling in Israel seemingly widened this month, after a government report recommended that slot machines and sports-betting should be banned across the breadth of the country.   The report, which was conducted by Israel’s Commission on Gambling Regulations, had the backing of both finance minister Moshe Kahlon (pictured) and justice ministry general director Emi Palmor. In seeking...