Saturday, February 24, 2024

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McArthur parked: UK regulator plays down black market threat only weeks before his exit

Gambling Commission Neil McArthur resignation PWC report
UK Gambling Commission CEO Neil McArthur may have stepped down but just before his resignation he remained resistent to the findings of a PwC report, which revealed the UK’s black market had almost doubled in size. It was, he contended, “not consistent with the intelligence picture”.

Penalty play: Industry regulator sanctions Caesars Entertainment UK for ‘systematic failings’

Caesars Entertainment UK regulator sanctions social responsiblity
An investigation by the Gambling Commission found “a catalogue of social responsibility, money laundering and customer interaction failures” leading to £13m in sanctions and the departure of three of Caesars Entertainment UK’s senior managers

Neil McArthur appointed chief executive of Gambling Commission

Neil McArthur
Neil McArthur has been appointed as Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission with immediate effect. He had been acting as Interim CEO since Sarah Harrison MBE left the organisation at the end of February. Peter Hannibal, Chief Executive of the cross sector industry body, the Gambling Business Group, said: ”The Gambling Business Group welcomes the news that Neil McArthur’s appointment...