Sunday, April 2, 2023

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Hippodrome boss: “The casino sector cannot ignore the wider trends in the industry”

Hippodrome casino simon thomas
  Casino Review spoke to Simon Thomas, CEO and chairman of the Hippodrome in London about his take on the British government’s latest review of UK gambling regulation.   International Casino Review: What is your response to the conclusions in the DCMS’ consultation on proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures? Simon Thomas: Overall very disappointed. The concerns over FOBTs...

UK: hanging in the balance post election

ICR - Comment UK election Warwick Bartlett
After Theresa May’s election gamble spectacularly backfired, businesses in the UK are facing a period of uncertainty, but Warwick Bartlett, CEO and founder of Global Betting & Gaming Consultancy, suggests that a period of political inactivity in the wake of the hung parliament could have a silver lining.   For UK business, the 2017 general election (part 1?) result which produced...

Is Japan on track for a Floating World of integrated resorts?

While on paper, the opening of a market in Japan might seem an inevitability, the process still appears beset by ambiguities suggests Edward Lowton.   Levon Helm captured it best when he sang on the Band’s 1993 song, Move to Japan, “they’re taking all hands in the land of the Risin’ Sun.” But with the next emerging integrated resort market on...