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Sands decision to pull out of IR race doesn’t bode well for Japan

casino resorts Japan IR
Steve Norton, chairman and CEO of Norton Management and a former casino executive holding senior roles at Sands, Gold River Gaming and Argosy Gaming among others, looks at some of the contradictions in the national attitude towards gambling and discusses what the country’s government could do to make its first tranche of licences more attractive for major international operators.

Pachinko industry in a pinch in face of new legislation

Casino Review - Pachinko Japan
Japan’s pachinko industry covers its balls in the face of impending regulation   Over in Japan, the government is looking to restrict existing gambling establishments - including the $200bn pachinko industry - as it prepares to welcome casinos in its jurisdiction. Bloomberg reported that the move was part of the government’s plan to tackle gambling addiction even before country adds Las Vegas-style...

Pachinko king talks up Philippines casino prospects

Casino Review - Pachinko king talks up Philippines casino prospects
The Filipino casino sector out shone expectations in 2016, and could be poised to do so again next year. But whether Duterte’s courting of the Chinese can overcome any fallout from anti-gaming politics at home and abroad remains to be seen.   After a disappointing year in 2015, the Philippines casino sector has come back with a vengeance in the past...