Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Worth the wait: Parimatch ready for regulators to open Ukraine license application process

Strictly only operating in white market jurisdictions, Parimatch is looking forward to adding Ukraine to its list of licenced operations which also includes Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus and Cyprus, while elsewhere in the world...

Parimatch makes statement of intent for newly legalised Ukraine gambling industry

Ukraine legalises gambling
Following the signing of Bill No. 2285-d by President Volodymyr Zelenskyi to legalise the gambling industry in Ukraine, Parimatch, the international betting and technology company, has confirmed it will be bidding for the new operating licences in the country.

Work hard, play hard: Parimatch means business in esports

esports Parimatch betting
Parimatch has shown its ambition to remain at the forefront of the esports betting market with the appointment of Counter Strike 1.6 and CS:GO legend Daniil ‘Zeus’ Teslenko as brand ambassador.

Parimatch: A natural in the Octagon

Parimatch Tamara Babits
Celebrating two years of partnership with UFC, Tamara Babits, Business Development Director at Parimatch, explains how the operator and the Mixed Martial Arts company have grown together over the last 24 months, finding common ground in their fighting spirit; as shown by their ability to adapt to the current fast-changing market.

Parimatch: Great transformation requires great communication

Daria Isakova Deputy Chief Communications Officer Parimatch
With the creation of it’s new tech-focused brand, Parimatch has finally done its technological prowess justice. Such an extensive transformation, however, has required sophisticated methods of communication - both internally and externally - with Daria Isakova, Deputy Chief Communications Officer...

The inventors: Systems analysis at Parimatch

Parimatch Systems Analyst Bogdan Khrysanfov
Responsible for maintaining and upgrading the systems behind Parimatch’s tech transformation, Lead Systems Analyst Bohdan Khrysanfov fulfills the role of ‘invent and think’ for the operator, integrating new features and implementing important cost reductions.

Covid 19: Build for the future, states Parimatch CEO

Parimatch future
As the world grapples with the ongoing pandemic surrounding coronavirus the future of the entire industry hangs in a balance, but there is some light ahead if the market is willing to adapt explains Sergey Portnov, CEO of leading online brand Parimatch. Investigating the potential for online betting platforms...

Parimatch encourages European affiliates not to underestimate Africa

Following Parimatch’s success establishing itself as an exciting and trustworthy brand in Tanzania, the company has set its sights on the wider continent aiming for key launches across affiliate, mobile and sports betting in the near future. As the brand prepares to bolster its position in the market...

Parimatch: Consumers want stories, not spreadsheets

Parimatch’s Chief Product Officer Sergey Berezhnoy spoke to iGaming Times at ICE London 2020 about how the operator plans to evolve the traditional sports betting experience with a focus not just on technology, but on storytelling. With a history in the video gaming industry, Sergey can see...

Financial agility is key to value for money, explains Parimatch’s CFO

As one of the most established and innovative players in the online betting market, Parimatch attributes financial process scaling as integral to its success. Speaking after one of its most profitable years the company’s CFO, Anna Motruk, highlights the key to their investment strategy and why the brand’s financial...

Parimatch teams up with Esports Integrity Commission

ESIC Parimatch integrity
Parimatch Holding, the international betting platform, today announces that it has entered into the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to combat fraud in esports. Parimatch is already collaborating with FederBet in the fight against fraud and will now provide ESIC with betting data...

Parimatch continue “aggressive” affiliate approach into 2020

Parimatch affiliate approach 2020
As one of the leading established brands in the iGaming market, Parimatch is no stranger to using innovation to make a mark in the betting market and 2019 saw them drive their brand in the affiliate sector. As the company pushes further into this new territory its Chief Marketing Officer, Ivan Liashenko and Head of Affiliates, Maxim Makovetsky…

Parimatch: Dare to be different

Parimatch dare to be different
As a 25-year-old leading sports betting company, Parimatch is well versed in how to turn a business into a brand. With the company embarking on another year filled with new partnerships, new markets and more, Andrii Suslenko, Chief Communications Officer, explains why it’s never been more important to stand out from the crowd…

Game Changers: 2020 trends set to shape the industry of tomorrow

Parimatch has become renowned as one of the most forward-thinking online betting brands in the industry. As the company prepares to embark on its most exciting year yet, four of its key thought-leaders expand on the shape of things to come for the business, the industry and everything you thought you knew about gaming…

Parimatch: The future’s bright for Ukraine

As the betting industry in Ukraine prepares for major legislative progress in the first quarter of 2020, Maksym Liashko, Partner at Parimatch, one of the leading online betting brands in the CIS region, explores the proposed regulations, the country’s ‘progressive’ emphasis on virtual and eSports...

Parimatch announces new partnership with

The international bookmaker holding Parimatch announced new sponsorship deal including CS:GO and Dota 2 rosters of the leading esports club Stepan Shulga, Head of Esports at Parimatch, explained: “ was our first big esports sponsorship deal...

The future sound of payments? Parimatch’s Head of Billing is all ears

“Payments are not about diversity, but rather about quality,” is the clear emphasis for Parimatch according to the company’s Head of Billing, Olga Golikova as the brand’s high-profile position in more than 10 countries continues to expand. As a large-scale international platform and leading betting operator in the CIS...

Parimatch on the legalisation of gambling in Ukraine 

ukraine gambling
Leading sports betting operators, Parimatch, assess the state of play in Ukraine. In 2009, after a fire incident in the gaming hall in Dnepropetrovsk city, gambling was banned in Ukraine. The ban, however, was supposed to be an intermediate stage in the development of the gambling market: it was assumed that gambling would be banned for a certain period and...

Esports is first sport to truly unite the world, claims Parimatch

Parimatch esports sport
Esports is undoubtedly the sporting world’s latest and greatest global phenomenon but it’s also the first of its kind to achieve the impossible task of true international adoption, according to Parimatch Head of Esports, Stepan Shulga. The sport’s lack of affiliation with any specific territory alongside...

Parimatch Foundation pays back society through Corporate Citizenship

Katerina Belorusskaya - Parimatch Foundation
‘People, future generation care and profit’ are the three benchmarks of being a good corporate citizen according to Katerina Belorusskaya, Chairwoman at Parimatch Foundation as the company continues to drive a strong, charitable and sustainable focus through its non-profit organisation...

Parimatch and APOEL join forces for fourth consecutive year

Parimatch, the international betting holding, today announces the renewal of its sponsorship agreement for the fourth consecutive season with APOEL FC - Cyprus’ most successful football team. As part of the renewed sponsorship deal, the Parimatch logo will be displayed on APOEL FC’s players’ sports kit for another year...

ICE Africa to pave way for continent’s trailblazing customer data boom, argues Parimatch Africa CEO

‘An unmissable opportunity for the entire industry to build a solid, sustainable foundation for the future of gaming,’ is how Lasha Gogiberidze, Chief Executive Officer at Parimatch has described this year’s ICE Africa. Talking ahead of his panel debate on taking advantage of digital space...

Sports betting should prepare for ‘marketing massacre’, warns Parimatch CEO

sports betting
Sergey Portnov leans into the dramatic with his predictions on the future of the industry but not without reason claims the leading sports betting CEO. Parimatch has established itself as both rebel and pioneer in the world of sports betting brands and following an incendiary speech...

Parimatch intensifies R&D emphasis with three new appointments

As one of the most visible online betting companies in the world, thanks to its high profile ambassadors like Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor and the Shevchenko sisters, Parimatch’s focus on expansion is evidenced by its ongoing investment in management and Research & Development personnel...

Mike Tyson: Why I put my name with Parimatch

Parimatch Mike Tyson
At a press conference addressing his new ambassadorial role with sports betting operator Parimatch, undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson explained why he and Parimatch represent a perfect partnership due to a mutual “dedication to being the best in the world”....

“Parimatch wants to be the alpha-brand”

Sergey Portnov CEO Parimatch signing UFC deal 2018
Speaking to Casino Review, Parimatch CEO Sergey Portnov explains why UFC represents the ideal partner as he looks forward to meeting the operator’s two new

It’s time: Parimatch and UFC celebrate a year of successes

Parimatch UFC McGregor MMA
Parimatch reflect on a year of significant achievement in the marketplace and fighting the good fight with UFC. It has been just one year since sports..

Using data to detect insights is a precise science, argues Parimatch Chief Data Officer

Parimatch data
Rostyslav Maikovych – Chief Data Officer at Parimatch, provides an insight to his presentation at iGB Live! and the challenge of generating reliable data in a post GDPR era, the critical task of drawing as much value from usable data as possible and an exploration of the key metrics that businesses can deploy.

Parimatch ‘engages’ future focus following rebranding

Parimatch future focus rebranding
Following its brand overhaul and the signing of Conor McGregor as official ambassador for CIS and Cyprus in February this year, Parimatch has established itself as one of the industry’s leading lights through the mantra of people being the company’s main driving force....

Parimatch advocates in-house approach to future-proof sports betting platforms

Parimatch Konstantin sports betting in-house
As the global sports betting industry continues to expand with seemingly unabated possibilities, Konstantin Obraztsov, CTO at the online gaming business Parimatch, explores the pros and cons of in-house vs. outsourced sports betting platforms.