Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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SPiCE Gaming Conference and Exhibition will discuss of Indian parliament’s betting legalization developments

SPiCE, Gaming Conference Exhibition, India, parliament, betting, legalisation
As we enter the new year, there is excitement and anticipation building up for the much awaited, Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition (SPiCE) that is scheduled to be held from 25th - 27th February, 2019 at the Goa Marriott Resort & Space, located in Miramar, Panaji. The event will see eminent experts and industry leaders brainstorm the developments...

BiG Africa Summit Speaker Interview: Dean Macpherson

Dean Macpherson was elected to Parliament in 2014 at the age of 29 after growing frustrated with the economic path South Africa was taking. Since then, he has fought issues relating to the crisis in manufacturing, growing incentives for industrialisation and fighting adverse legislation which seeks to undermine the economy. Dean believes in opening up markets for the competition...

Regulatory disparity between federal and county bodies putting Kenyan market growth at risk

Nairobi, Kenya
The full extent of Kenya’s restrictive gaming legislation is becoming apparent to those outside of the industry, with local authorities now lending their voice against the government’s policies. Officials in the Kenyan casino hub of Nairobi are joining criticism of the nation’s gaming framework, something which is not only harming operators and dissuading international investment but is seemingly largely to...

Black Cloud O’er Me: Italian coalition talks cast a shadow over gaming sector

Italy politics parade
Warwick Bartlett Beppe Grillo wants to crackdown on the Mafia. Making gambling more expensive will make the illegal offer supplied by the Mafia more competitive. So their policy on gambling has not been thought through... Italy’s hung parliament could spell trouble for the country’s  thriving gambling market, as the least likely of all alliances now looks to form a government. The...