Friday, February 23, 2024

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Taiwan casino bill rejected by residents

Casino Review Taiwan Bill rejected
Residents of Taiwan’s outlying Penghu archipelago have voted overwhelmingly against legislation that would have paved the way for a new wave of casino resorts near China’s south-eastern seaboard.   The Penghu government said in October that voters had rejected the idea of authorising casinos as a means of driving tourism to the island chain. The referendum results showed 26,598 votes against...

Taiwan puts casino legalisation to a referendum

Casino Review Taiwan Penghu Referendum
Residents of Penghu, one of the country’s outlying islands, will be given a choice on whether to permit new casino developments in the area in an attempt to boost tourism.   A referendum on whether to allow casino gaming in the Taiwanese island of Penghu is being held on the 15 October as the government hopes to boost the country’s vital...

Taiwan: Penghu casino referendum likely by the end of the year

Penghu Island, the previously favoured site for casinos in Taiwan, is once again preparing to hold a referendum to determine whether gaming will be permitted in the county. The question is - will this be a repeat of 2009, or will it herald an era of casino development in Taiwan? James Walker reports.   Over recent years, Taiwan - one of...