Monday, February 26, 2024

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London is a riddle, Paris an explanation

Casino Review France London Style Casino
January saw new legislation for clubs de jeux come into effect in the French capital, opening the doors for Paris to develop a handful of London-style high-end gaming venues, building on synergies with the tourist sector.   New Year 2018 saw the dawn of a new era for gaming in Paris, with new legislation for clubs de jeux (gaming clubs) coming...

Philippe Bon discusses whether Macron lead French casinos by the horn?

ICR - Philippe Bon Macron
Ian Fleming built his plot for Casino Royale around James Bond playing a game of baccarat in a French casino, now the game could be set to attract Chinese tourists to the capital’s new clubs de jeux. Casino de France’s executive director, Philippe Bon, discusses the new normal as the Macron era dawns in France.   I want France to be...