Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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US casinos emerge from the pandemic

US casinos Andrew Klebanow comment
Andrew Klebanow, principal at Klebanow Consulting, discusses how COVID-19 has seen US casinos modify their marketing strategy, with many operators achieving substantially higher net income on lower business volumes

How to increase Texas Hold’em profit

Hit Utopia Dennis Korthouwer side bet jackpot system
Casino Review caught up with Hit Utopia CEO Dennis Korthouwer to discuss how the company’s unique promotional and side-bet jackpot system can help boost

Playing the odds: How the thrill of EMIRAT AG’s marketing games are spreading the risk in global gaming

Not content with providing world-leading risk management cover for some of the largest lottery jackpots across the globe, EMIRAT AG is primed to answer the industry’s call with a wide range of bespoke, marketing promotions...

Audience Before Product – Learning the Las Vegas Lesson

Ismail Vali, gaming marketing consultant and former CMO at PokerStars, explains how Vegas made gambling secondary to the experience – and how in doing so it made everyone a winner. Online gaming still has a lot to learn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcymSUypaS4&feature=youtu.be   Learning Las Vegas The Resort Casino phenomenon began with Las Vegas – an escapist paradise in the middle of the Nevada Desert. Just...