Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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The big numbers behind the future of roulette

Casino Review - The big numbers behind the future of roulette
Promising a radical shift in fortunes of an iconic table game, Roulette 73 is delivering on a new vision for the casino classic. There are few things more closely associated with the casino experience than the image of a spinning roulette wheel, but with the popularity of the game shifting in recent years, Roulette 73 has arrived on the market...

Capturing the coveted millennial market with Roulette’s classic appeal

Casino Review Roulette 73
As Roulette 73 gets ready for February’s ICE, Freddy Kurilić, the company’s sales manager, explains why their new spin on a classic game could be set to revolutionise the table gaming market and attract millennials through aspirational gaming.   Slovenia-based Roulette 73 are set to attend ICE this February, where the company hopes to herald a renaissance of the table game,...

Roulette 73 mark BEGE debut with strong interest

Casino Review Roulette 73
Roulette 73 may have been showcasing at BEGE for the first time, but they were doing so with an ambitious take on the casino staple.   Setting out to appeal to the new generation that are more interested in live games, the company believes their product brings a needed change to the long-standing roulette market. “It is totally new, the result of...