Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Tag: SC Advance

Slovenian Sports Betting Lottery Specifies CPI on All New Betting Terminals

Slovenia sport betting CPI
Superior product performance and after-sales support were key factors in the decision to specify CPI for both coin and note validation.

Casino de la Vallee signs long-term partnership with CPI

SC Advance
Casino de la Vallee has signed a long-term Preferred Partnership Agreement with CPI, under which the Italian operator will continue to specify the SC Advance note acceptor for all its new and replacement slot machines. Also known as Casino Saint Vincent, Casino de la Vallee, first began using SC note acceptors from CPI back in June 2008. “Our previous note acceptors...

Malta’s Tumas Group signs long-term contract with CPI

ICR - Patrick Demanuele, COO of the Tumas Group
The Tumas Group has confirmed its long-term commitment to CPI’s SC Advance note acceptor with the signing of a Preferred Partnership Agreement.   Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, has announced that the Tumas Group in Malta has pledged its long-term allegiance to the SC Advance note acceptor by signing a Preferred Supplier Agreement. Under this agreement, SC Advance will...