Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Russian casino operator looks to Crimea for new casino project

A Russian casino operator is looking to invest in the Crimean gambling zone but is seeking assurances from the authorities that the new zone will not be unexpectedly closed, as was the case with Azov-City. The operator of two casinos in the Azov-City zone has reportedly declared that he is considering opening a gaming venue in the recently-established Crimea gambling...

Russia’s gaming industry more bullish than bearish

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As Kaliningrad’s first casino opens its doors, with a second casino for Sochi on the way and a sixth gaming zone on the cards, the prognosis for Russia’s gaming industry is looking decidedly upbeat.   Following something of a Russian winter, it would appear that spring has sprung for the country’s casino industry. The first full casino in Kaliningrad’s Yantarnaya gambling zone...

Sochi Casino & Resort heralds a resurgent Russian industry

Casino Review - Sochi Casino and resort Russia
With all eyes on Brazil and Japan it would be easy to overlook a third market opening: Russia. While the government has maintained an anti-gambling stance since its 2009 decision to limit gambling to five remote gaming zones, the decision to move a zone to Sochi reflects a tacit change in political position.   Sochi Casino & Resort ushered in a...

First casino opens its doors in Sochi gaming zone

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The Black Sea resort of Sochi has welcomed its first casino. Is this the start of a thaw within the Russian government towards new opportunities in the casino gambling landscape?   The first casino in Sochi’s designated gambling zone, on the Russian Black Sea coast, held its official opening on 5 January, according to Russian Government-owned media sources, following the pre-opening...

First operating licence awarded for Sochi

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Officials in the southern Russian city of Sochi have granted the first casino operating licence for the new gambling zone to LLC Domain. The company was established in December by Singapore-based construction firm Silverron International Private Limited with Mikhail Danilov as its CEO. “Following its application, LLC Domain has been granted permission to carry out activities for the organisation and conduct...

The Fisherman, the Fish and the gaming industry

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Despite the Russian government’s anti-gambling stance, the move from Azov City to Sochi would seem to be a tacit acknowledgement of the casino industry’s potential as a revenue generator, suggests Edward Lowton.   There is a Russian song which goes something like, “in the sea of girls’ smiles, no effort is required to catch something there, but only you are the...

Sochi gaming zone’s first casino on track for December opening

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A spokesperson for the city’s administration has confirmed that the first casino in the Sochi gaming zone is on track to open its doors this December.   An order signed by Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev in late August laid out plans to create the 165,000 sqm gambling zone in the coastal resort. With the help of casinos, the government hopes to attract...