Friday, March 31, 2023

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TGG creating connections at ICE

Takara Gaming Group’s COO, Albert Yu, explains the concept behind the company’s innovative open platform which creates new opportunities for land-based operators to bring fresh content to the casino floor.   ICE 2018 saw Hong Kong-based Takara Gaming Group present its open platform, which aims to create new partnership and content opportunities for content providers and casinos. “We work with a range...

Takara Gaming Group expands into Southeast Asia

Savan Vegas Laos southeast
Takara Gaming Group (TGG), an open-source gaming platform, is entering the Southeast Asian market with two local casino groups: Golden Crown and Superrich the Best Casino.   Co-founder and CEO Raymond Chan said: “TGG is eyeing the potential of Southeast Asia. Much of the new growths has come from Chinese visitors, the major reason behind this due to the booming...