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Tenerife casino sale called off again?

Tenerife casino sale
Opponents of the privatisation of Tenerife’s three publiclyowned casinos have welcomed the news that the island’s new Spanish Socialist Workers’..

Tenerife casino sale continues to fuel controversy

Tenerife Casino Tender
Tenerife’s publicly-owned casinos were put up for sale for EUR24.9m last year, yet the decision continues to draw criticism from the Spanish General..

Four operators to take part in Tenerife casino tender

Tenerife, casino tender, operator, europe
Global Casino Technology Corporation, Pama e Hijos, Olympic Entertainment Group and Automáticos Canarias-Grupo Orenes have all applied to take part in the Tenerife tender. In Tenerife, the government has confirmed that four companies have applied to take part in the tender for the island’s three publicly-owned casinos, which reportedly has a starting price of €24.9m. Following the announcement in late November,...

Tenerife casino tender continues to generate controversy

The Council of Tenerife is proceeding with the sale of the island’s three publicly-owned casinos but while the move has been welcomed by politicians across the political spectrum, it has met with staunch opposition from Podemos and the Spanish General Worker’s Union. Speaking during a plenary section of the Council of Tenerife, the body’s president Carlos Alonso stated that the...

Tenerife launches controversial casino tender

Tenerife’s publicly-owned casinos have been put up for sale for €24.9m, however the move has drawn criticism from local politicians and the Spanish General Worker’s Union. Local authorities in Tenerife have launched a tender for the island's three state-owned…

Councillor hits back against Tenerife government’s casino privatisation plans

Julio Concepción, a councillor for the leftwing Podemos party, has criticised plans by Tenerife’s regional government to privatise the island’s three casinos, arguing that they were still making a profit.   “Despite the efforts of the CC and PSOE government to hamstring Tenerife’s three publicly-owned casinos to justify their privatisation, these business will once again report a profit this year, with...

Local official criticises management of Tenerife’s casinos for financial irregularities

ICR - casinos tenerife
A number of serious infractions regarding the running of Tenerife’s three publicly-owned casinos have been reported by a Podemos councillor.   Julio Concepcion revealed that independent audits carried out on Casino Playa de las Americas, Casino Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Casino de Taoro between 2012 to 2014 found a number of serious anomalies in the venues’ accounts. Characterising theses anomalies as...

Tenerife poised for new casino tender process

Coinslot, Tenerife, Carlos Alonso, Julio Concepción
An appraisal report for Tenerife’s three casinos is due to be released to the public and investors setting the stage for a new tender process for the properties, Spain’s last remaining publicly-owned casinos. The government of the Canary Island of Tenerife has been looking to sell its three casinos in order to raise funds for several years. Carlos Alonso, president of...