Saturday, February 24, 2024

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Juegos Miami to feature thought leaders and influencers

Betting Business - Latin America Juegos Miami AstroPay
The future of gaming in Latin America will be under the microscope as the industry’s thought leaders converge on Miami. The future development of gaming in Latin America and the Caribbean will be the overarching theme at the 2017 edition of Juegos Miami (31 May – 2 June, The Biltmore, Miami). Bringing together the regions innovators, regulators and industry visionaries,...

Cigar sponsorship tells a memorable story at Juegos Miami

Cigar sponsorship tells a memorable story at Juegos Miami
Online IPS, which provides payment solutions to business owners struggling with the routine merchant services, will be making its presence felt at Juegos Miami in a creative fashion. The company’s Brazilian Co-Founder, Witoldo Hendrich Jr., discusses the central role of Juegos Miami to the development of gaming in the region, the importance of engaging with governmental decision makers and what inspired them to sponsor...