Takara Gaming Group expands into Southeast Asia

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Takara Gaming Group (TGG), an open-source gaming platform, is entering the Southeast Asian market with two local casino groups: Golden Crown and Superrich the Best Casino.


Co-founder and CEO Raymond Chan said: “TGG is eyeing the potential of Southeast Asia. Much of the new growths has come from Chinese visitors, the major reason behind this due to the booming of the economy in the Asian regions and therefore increased the Asian players rapidly.

“We are exciting to make our first gateway into Cambodia through this deployment with the two leading local casinos. It definitely marks another milestone for TGG in the East Asia market.”

The growth in casino gaming in Southeast Asia over the last few years has reached record highs with research data showing that the Asia-Pacific market grew to become the dominant global player between 2005 and 2015.

According to data from the National Bank of Cambodia, income generated by casinos from non-residents is estimated around $2bn annually, representing around 40 percent of the total amount spent by foreign visitors in 2016.

Southeast Asia is the latest major gaming market that unlocked by TGG after Korea, Singapore and Europe. The success deployment in Cambodia is expected to open up the gateway towards other countries in the region for the near future, the company said.


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