TCSJOHNHUXLEY sets the dice rolling for launch of Blaze Craps

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Since its launch, TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Blaze LED surface technology has been adopted extensively throughout the global live gaming market. As the industry’s only patented table technology to illuminate custom video animations through the layout, Blaze has proven to be an exciting addition to any gaming floor.

G2E 2018 sees the launch of Blaze Craps which joins the suite of other Blaze products – Sic Bo, Roulette and Big 6 delivering flexibility, reliability and graphic capabilities like never before. Blaze Craps uses energy efficient LED lights fitted below the surface of the gaming table, which display unique ‘attract sequences’ and custom-themed animations, while also highlighting winning numbers. Blaze offers an array of options to meet any casino’s needs – the table showcased at G2E is a 13ft Craps table with a cloth layout, but other sizes can be produced.

Steph Nel, General Manager Americas, comments, “We are excited to introduce Blaze Craps to our range as it delivers all the excitement and entertainment of the traditional game whilst simplifying the betting process. Craps is always one of the games that attracts a crowd on the gaming floor but it can be confusing to novice players. By incorporating Blaze technology, the highlighted winning numbers and light sequences confirm the stages of the game, making it quick and easy for players to grasp and for dealers and security staff to monitor play.”

Operators that have installed Blaze love the added excitement the tables bring to the casino floor and have noted the improved accuracy of lighting up all winning bets allows dealers to be more customer focused, providing the best player experience possible.

2018 continues to be an important year for TCS John Huxley as the company celebrates 45 years as a manufacturer and supplier of live table gaming products and services.

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