TCSJOHNHUXLEY showcases GFL Bonusing Rewards at G2E

Steph Nel interview
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TCSJOHNHUXLEY the leading edge supplier of end to end live gaming solutions showcased the latest module to its Gaming Floor Live platform at G2E.

Unveiled earlier this year at G2E Asia, GFL Bonusing Rewards is a thrilling jackpot reward system that utilizes casino promotion budgets to fund mystery jackpots, creating an exciting ‘in it to win it’ prize pool which is independent of the base game.

The GFL Bonusing Rewards system is very straightforward appealing to players and operators alike. Funded completely by the casino’s marketing budget, the awards can be configured by a percentage contribution based on the table minimum, with players enrolled in the chance to win a prize just by participating in the hand. The only operational requirement is for the dealer to register players, via a dealer console which then confirms them as taking part with the player position indicated on the display. With no additional steps, game speed and player experience are not affected.

Steph Nel, TCSJOHNHUXLEY General Manager Americas, said: “The introduction of GFL Bonusing Rewards provides thrilling progressive style jackpots that are completely funded by the operator’s marketing budgets. This highly flexible system allows the casino to decide how much of their monthly budget they wish to giveaway by dividing the spend into various progressive pools which can be averaged to pay out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This keeps players engaged as the excitement builds.”

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