Terminals are essential for maximum market penetration of sports betting business, states Betinvest COO

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The potential for terminals to unite customer and operator needs as well as allowing businesses to expand even in markets where online betting is still unregulated has been championed by Max Dubossarsky, COO at Betinvest. As the company prepares to showcase its latest updates for the Terminal by Betinvest solution at G2E Las Vegas, Dubossarsky highlights the role and importance of Risk Management Tools and why the brand’s fully automated system’s simplicity holds the key to exceptional success…


What are the key factors that make Terminal by Betinvest so unique?

Terminal is another solution we developed from scratch and upgraded last year to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology for their land-based operations. We aim to enable our clients to achieve maximum market penetration both online and offline. Since terminals aren’t limited to being placed in betting shops, but can also be installed in places with a lot of passing custom, they make a great addition to any sports betting business.

When developing this software, we put a lot of thought into the UI and UX, and we’ve added new features to reduce the time required to place bets. It has the option to accept bet slips automatically or to turn on an alert service that will notify the user about changes in the odds during in-play betting. This is useful because, while a customer is betting on their second and third matches, the odds for the first match could change.

Terminal also boasts an in-depth reporting system, risk management tools, a comprehensive multi-level back office and the option to control the betting terminals remotely. Operators can use it to monitor all of their existing brands and the software is compatible with a wide range of hardware alongside our own.

Installing betting terminals is especially beneficial to business owners, since this eliminates the need to employ staff and rent office space – the system is fully automated. All you need to do is install the terminals – our software will do the rest of the work for you.

Online Operators are only now starting to realise the true potential of customisable terminals – can you explain why this is?

The betting industry began in retail and online services came later, but due to the fact that land-based services incur much higher costs, over the past few years operators have tended to choose to work online. However, terminals are an easier and cheaper way to expand a business, especially in markets where online betting is still unregulated.

Another way that betting terminals benefit operators is by increasing brand awareness. A branded terminal serves as an additional point of communication with potential customers. For people who are new to betting and don’t have a clear understanding of the industry or choice of operators yet, seeing these branded machines around the city will help them to trust that bookmaker. What’s more, thanks to the intuitive interface, their first gambling experience is sure to be a positive one. Choosing to incorporate betting terminals into a business is a decision that both customers and operators will benefit from.

Betting terminals are one of the directions that operators can explore to help them further develop their betting business. They don’t take up a lot of space or require new staff, and they’ve proved to be very successful.

From the customer’s point of view, using terminals is really convenient thanks to our omni-channel approach. Players can place bets from their gaming account on any platform – online, on the desktop or mobile app, or by using an NFC card at betting shops or betting terminals.

Your terminals are fully customisable to unique specifications and design, what research do you conduct before you update?

We’ve studied a number of markets across Europe in which land-based betting is well regulated, such as the UK, Germany, Romania, Croatia, etc., and have created a fully adaptable product that we can set up in any European country. At the same time, we can offer a variety of designs and features to meet the specific requirements of the market and/or the local regulations.

Some forecasters believe payments will be the major trend at ICE London 2020, how will Betinvest’s pay out system help it stand apart from the rest?

Yes, last year we saw an increase in the number of payment service providers at ICE London. We also noticed that betting terminal providers have doubled in comparison with previous years.

We can offer our customers a number of options when it comes to payouts – they can have the winnings credited to their gaming account, collect them from a cashier, or transfer them to an e-wallet. Integrating different payment methods is a never-ending task for our company and for the industry in general since it’s vital that we stay up to date with new methods and technologies. That’s why it’s good that the number of payment providers is growing. Our goal as a provider of sports betting solutions is to ensure that customers have the best possible experience.

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