Tom Horn forecasts RNG revolution across Asia-Pacific ahead of G2E

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Ahead of Tom Horn Gaming’s return to G2E Asia in May, the company’s CEO, Ondrej Lapides, explores the growing trends in the Asian region and describes the company’s continued success at trade shows across the globe.

Malta-based software provider, Tom Horn Gaming, has expanded into a number of key markets in recent years and as it prepares to showcase new games tailored specifically to the Asian market at this year’s G2E, Lapides explores the opportunities his company foresees in the region.

Tom Horn is returning to G2E after a successful event last year. What do you have in store for the Asian market this year?

Every market has specific requirements with player tastes differing from region to region and the Asian market is no exception. Our team had this in mind when planning our participation at G2E Asia, and so created a new game accordingly which takes into account different cultural preferences that ultimately shape the gaming climate of the region. We will be unveiling the game with progressive jackpots and features specifically tailored to satisfy the Asian player.

What are the key trends that you’ve identified in the Asian market and how is Tom Horn reacting differently to the Asian audience and its requirements?

This is not our first time in the region. We have already been exhibiting at G2E Asia and have been carefully observing gaming habits, the demographic of players, the market, its behaviour and responses to particular games to establish a successful pattern and strategy to target the widest possible audience. We believe that the key to the successful product is keeping customers at the centre of our business all the time, and understanding their needs is vital. We have focused on appointing the best game designers and technology people who create great technology and game content which we then tailor to the specific gaming habits of Asian players. One of the characteristics I have noticed over the years is the growing demand for slots in the region and our product showcase reflects this trend within the Asian gaming community.

The Asia market continues to grow, where do you see the big wins occurring in the region in the coming years?

Asia is a huge and diverse market, that’s no secret. I believe that if a company is determined to establish its position here and expand its remit, the Asia-Pacific market brings with it huge potential for a company  to grow significantly, not just in this region, but internationally. Obviously, it takes a lot of effort to understand the similarities and differences with other parts of the world, but if you are patient and eager enough to explore the possibilities which lie in Asia, you will be rewarded eventually.

In recent years, alongside key growth in the demand for slots, Asian players are really starting to believe in RNG games which is a positive indicator for the industry.Casino Review Tom Horn

Tom Horn’s trade show team has proven a hit at ICE, G2E, Fadja, and other international shows, can you shed some light on the company’s defined trade show strategy?

Visiting so many gaming locations around the world, at major events like G2E, has been invaluable for our company and provided us with solid knowledge of what is out there and what customers and potential partners wish to see. During last few years, I have attended shows in 20 different countries and the insights I have accrued have shaped our strategy going forward into 2017.

Our sales team attends all major shows in the industry to get acquainted with the latest trends not only in the gaming itself, but also in the stage design. From there it is only a small step to conceive an appealing exhibiting strategy that builds on exciting product offerings we have in our portfolio and presents it to the industry professionals in a highly-skilled and entertaining way that stands out from the crowd. To expand our presence we attend at least one major trade show in LATAM, Europe and Asia every year.

Last but not least is our highly dedicated team of gaming enthusiasts comprising game developers, technology geeks, marketing experts, stage designers and jacks-of-all-trades who can do anything to present our games in the right manner for the market they’re in at any international trade show.

Looking ahead, what are the plans Tom Horn has after G2E?

We’re very excited about 2017 and will continue to hold the direct course we have embarked upon whilst still delivering unique games through all our channels. Our aim is to penetrate more regulated markets and establish a strong presence in those regions and I believe events like ICE, G2E and FADJA form a part of that goal for Tom Horn. In the coming months we have a number of key directives we will be concentrating on post G2E but I can’t reveal too much about these before the show, but suffice to say, it’s going to be an interesting year.

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