TCS John Huxley looks to the future with innovative new releases

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Celebrating its 45th anniversary this year, TCS John Huxley brought a broad range of innovations to ICE 2018, including its new Chipper Champ Pro chip sorting machine and the company’s range of Dealer-Assist tables.


To coincide with its 45th anniversary, TCS John Huxley presented a bumper crop of solutions at this year’s ICE, with the new product releases reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation.

“We’re very proud to be celebrating our 45th anniversary this year and part of that is celebrating our heritage as a company, marking where we’ve come from and setting out our vision for the future,” said Tracy Cohen (pictured), the company’s director of Marketing.

“Combining innovative new technology with an artisan approach has always been a unique selling point for TCS John Huxley.”

The latest edition of the Chipper Champ chip sorting machine was unveiled at the show, featuring a range of key upgrades, which the company affirms will offer operators improved productivity, security and reliability.

The Chipper Champ Pro has been developed to incorporate all the key attributes of the Chipper Champ 2, and includes new features such as a built-in camera to identify suspected jams or rogue items in the hopper, and a unique fold-away 10” digital screen that can display chip column counts.

“Previously, if there was a jam, it would have been necessary to close the table and get a maintenance person to open up the chipper, whereas with the Chipper Champ Pro casino staff just need to have a quick look on the screen to see if there are any rogue chips before any action is taken,” Cohen stated.

“Additionally, the new screen allows us to provide new insights, information, and reporting to the operator right at the table.”

Wheel Bias reporting and Inclinometer levelling information are available as an optional feature, requiring limited additional hardware connecting to the wheel.

These wheel insights are delivered direct to the digital display screen, removing the need to connect a PC to download data from the Roulette Wheel.

TCS John Huxley also debuted its new range of Dealer-Assist tables at ICE. Working in partnership with customers, the company embarked on extensive research including several workshops with dealers and gaming floor staff to understand some of the operational challenges they face with regards to table design.

The first phase of these solutions includes tables with large storage areas that incorporate specially created spaces for float tray covers.

Innovative slide out storage areas under the table maximise storage and hardware technology requirements, providing well defined areas for data and power.

“We’ve introduced a range of new features, for example for dealers of a shorter stature we’ve incorporated an integrated pull-out step,” Cohen explained. “After all, while tables are a standard height, dealers are not, and we’ve taken that into account.  

“Working that closely with dealers and gaming floor staff is a unique approach, and it really allows people who work in the industry at all levels to make themselves heard, and that satisfaction feeds back into the quality of service that they provide.”

Players have been catered for too, with integrated wireless phone charging points as well as USB points.

Two new table styles were launched at the show, the classically-designed Deco features veneer and rose gold finishes, while Clarity boasts contemporary, clean lines and includes LED modesty panels which can incorporate logos or themes.

“We have also refocused on some of our core products, reflecting that our wheels, dice shakers, displays, money wheels and blaze tables are now used extensively in the iGaming sector and in a live casino environment,” Cohen continued.

“Operators recognise that players are used to seeing our products in casinos across the world, and know that it gives players confidence to see them on screen.

“We’ve introduced lots of features which assist studio filming, our wheels can be manufactured in a matt finish to eliminate lighting glare, while we have also created some custom pieces to compliment the set design.”

These successful partnerships have seen collaborations with industry leading companies, such as Evolution Gaming, where the company has developed a range of bespoke Roulette wheels and their award winning unique Dream Catcher game.

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