Tsogo Sun expansion plans derided by locals

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A new casino proposal from Tsogo Sun has caused quite a stir in the Western Cape with local residents voicing opposition to plans.

The main point of contrition for those living in and around the Somerset West region is that they have been largely kept in the dark about the opera-tor’s plans and official rezoning applications.

Stephen Leppan, chairperson of the Helderberg Residents Association decried an apparent lack of transparency around the project.

“The community knows little about this. We don’t even know what we should comment about or object to. This has not been a fair process, and as far as I am concerned there has been no public participation on this project,” he said.

The official proposal comes from Tsogo Sun subsidiary, Headland and Southern Sun which wishes to transform a portion of its Somerset West golf course into a casino development, something it believes will prove to be an economic boost for the region.

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