TVBet’s betting mechanics for land-based casino market

TVBet's casino market betting bar
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TVBet’s latest concept for land-based casinos, the Betting Bar – a premium lounge of versatile live lottery games – combines the best of both digital and brick-and mortar betting, while appealing to casino and sportsbook punters in equal measure.


Modern operators are perennially concerned with player acquisition, especially during crucial stages of growth and transformation. On the one hand land-based casinos are tasked with competing for players with a tidal wave of online platforms, but they can also learn a lot from betting shops – which cater to a broad, but also particular, base of players.

Undoubtedly, the products these two sectors offer to their customers are substantially different. While slots, roulette or fast-paced card games are well-known and easy to understand, sports betting requires in-depth knowledge of rules and patterns. However, it is possible to create a common ground between these two types of players. It only requires finding these meeting points, which if properly harnessed, can open land-based casinos up another vast and viable audience.

New product concept for land-based casinos

Essentially, all our efforts to attract more players revolve around the games we offer. This is why at TVBet we have approached this challenge by developing a brand-new concept to help operators tap into different player segments: live-games.

By combining live-dealer casino concepts with sports betting mechanics, this new gaming format has been shown to neatly bridge the gap between the two sectors – providing traditional casino gamblers with novel and innovative content, while also appealing to a vast and untapped bank of players not normally associated with casinos.

The latest example of this common-ground is TVBet’s newest concept, the Betting Bar — a place where every visitor can enjoy this new format of games while resting at the bar. This physical zone includes a versatile menu of live lottery games, guaranteed to attract new players to a casino, especially those who love betting on sports, but also those who enjoy traditional casino games. Perhaps most important of all, our live-games have been designed to be engaging and accessible to the widest possible section of the general public.

With easy-to-understand mechanics, the suite of its 11 games pushes betting experts to bet on events like Keno, PokerBet, Backgammon, WheelBet – in an effortlessly entertaining way.

Betting Bar with full live-games integration

By uniting the live-dealer casino concepts with sports betting mechanics TVBet promises to bring its partners a wider range of players — casino lovers and sports betting enthusiasts alike. Betting Bar is equipped with modern LED screens to display games, promotions and special offers, such as 3- level jackpots, cashback, promo coupons that help an operator to increase the number of bets, and therefore their income.

On top of that, it requires no setup fee, while margin management tools allow a casino to control things along the way. At TVBet’s Betting Bar, players are welcome to sit behind the bar counter, watch games, make bets and enjoy refreshments.

With regard to the content, we have so far launched 11 fast live-games that are in high demand among gaming audiences, both online and offline. The games like 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, 21Bet, JokerBet, War of Elements, PokerBet, Lucky6, BackgammonBet, Keno, and WheelBet make the headlines.

Another notable feature is a charming host that makes every player literally glued to the screen. Every game is hosted by a real dealer continuously 365 days a year. Each Betting Bar is equipped with 8 TV screens, and that’s the casino who decides which one of the 11 live-games to broadcast or several.

The area also has simple yet powerful cashier software, a real solid bar counter, and two hostesses to serve refreshments and accept bets. Hence, everything is built in such a way that visitors stay in the game for the long-term.

Why players prefer broadcast games TVBet’s fast live-games have the following advantages: Live broadcast; High pace: 3 minutes games length with a brief pause between them; Multi-level jackpots and promo coupons; Certified gaming equipment and; Betting options in well-known games. Currently, more than 100 operators worldwide work with us.

We feel the live-streaming era we live in today, dictates its terms to all gambling institutions.

Therefore, the needs of today’s audiences must be taken into account by the land-based sector as well, in order to remain competitive in the global market. Luckily, complex integrations of live-games are an extremely effective way of combining the best of both worlds, helping casino owners to carry out their long-term strategies of appealing to a wider base.

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