Raising the bar: TVBET ’s new product concept set to shake up the land-based casino market

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Designed to appeal both to sports betting fans and table games aficionados, TVBET’s new Betting Bar brings together live-dealer casino concepts and sports betting mechanics.

Looking at the land-based casino market, it has to be acknowledged that players currently have a wider variety of both slots and table games to choose from than ever before. 

However, ever since the first casinos made their debut in the 17th century, gambling operators have been looking for the latest technologies to allow them to offer their customers a fresh and unique gaming experience. 

While virtually all types of casino games are now available online, the land-based industry is still going strong and competition between casinos and betting shops is more intense than ever. 

Given this, what can modern gaming establishments do to stand out from the crowd and further delineate their products?

The team at TVBET has come up with a brand new concept which could provide the solution. By combining live-dealer casino concepts with sports betting mechanics, the company helps operators reach a new and untapped audience, while offering their regular players engaging new content.

TVBET’s new Betting Bar concept allows visitor to enjoy the new games format while resting at the bar and also offers versatile live lottery games. 

TVBET’s new Betting Bar Concept

Betting Bar will help attract new players to a casino, particularly those who love betting on sports, but who also enjoy traditional casino games.

Betting Bar is equipped with modern LED screens which can display games, promotions and special offers, such as three-level jackpots, cashback, promo coupons that help an operator to increase the number of bets, and therefore their income. On top of that, it requires no setup fee, while margin management tools allow a casino full control along the way.

At TVBET’s Betting Bar, players are welcome to sit behind the bar counter, watch games, make bets and enjoy refreshments, ensuring that everyone has a premium quality experience. 

On the content side, TVBET has already launched 11 fast live-games, including 1Bet, 5Bet, 7Bet, 21Bet, JokerBet, War of Elements, PokerBet, Lucky6, BackgammonBet, Keno, and WheelBet, which have quickly established themselves as player-favourites both online and offline. 

Each Betting Bar is equipped with eight TV screens, allowing the casino to broadcast one or several of 11 live-games. Every game is hosted by a real dealer continuously 365 days a year.

Additionally, the area also features simple yet powerful cashier software, a real solid bar counter, and two hostesses to serve refreshments and accept bets. Hence, everything is built in such a way that visitors stay in the game for the long-term.

TVBET is already working with more than 50 operators worldwide, while the company’s fast live-games offer a range of advantages including: trust and transparency, everything happens in real-time; high pace, three-minute game length and two-minute pauses before the next one; the ability to bet on up to 10 events in advance; and three levels of jackpots. 

Alongside this, TVBET is committed to customer service and provides 24/7 customer and technical support, along with multi-language and multi-currency support.

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