Live games as an effective marketing tool for casino operators

TVBET Live Games Marketing Tool
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The modern casino sector is increasingly competitive with operators looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves. TVBET can provide the solution with its range of “fast live games”, utilising a real time format.


Since the firm’s launch in 2016 it has experienced rapid global growth and is now well-known in western markets, CIS, Latin America and Africa, where many operators already integrated its games to their websites, apps, and land-based spots. The company offers a diverse selection of 11 versatile products including Wheel of Fortune, PokerBet, War of Elements, 5Bet, Lucky6, 7Bet, Keno, JokerBet, 21Bet, 1Bet, and BackgammonBet, while all TVBET’s products are GLI certified.

TVBET’s engaging titles are designed to encourage and incentivise longer play times. Its simple and interactive games are easy to understand and take place in real-time, thus improving consumer confidence.

Alongside this, the company’s content features an exciting range of jackpots and free bets and is available in web, mobile, and land-based versions.

One such innovative title is PokerBet. Utilising poker rules and presented by a charming host, players are asked to predict which hand will be the strongest. The coefficient rate depends on the chances and is dynamic throughout the session.

For bookmakers, TVBET’s games can help offset seasonality in sports competitions. An increasing number of sports betting operators have experienced first-hand the difference the company’s live-games have made to their revenue during the off-season.

TVBET’s partners also benefit from the company’s promotional support, which is provided at no additional cost.

The TVBET analytics department has noted that those operators who use its Jackpot tools are 27 percent more popular with players than those who neither use the loyalty system or undertake other promotional initiatives.

The B2B provider cited the example of a company that, after starting to work with the TVBET partnership department, has increased its monthly active audience of players from 1.5 to 2.2 million, while the number of bets has grown by 45 percent.

When choosing where to play, many players also pay close attention to the prizes offered by a particular platform. For this reason – along with its bonus systems and beautiful design – TVBET suggests an online casino or bookmaker should look out for the largest jackpot that they can afford.

In summary, with proper promotional support, TVBET products can take land-based or online casino operators to a new level in just 12 months.

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