TVBET launches a procedure of rebranding

TVBET rebrand
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TVBET – a world live-games provider has today announced the rebrand of its visual image due, as it adapts to the complex world of modern platforms and communication channels.


An original corporate style is aimed on strengthening the company’s key positioning qualities as well as allowing TVBET to take its external communications to a new level. The name of the company will remain unchanged.

Taking into consideration the specific features of the betting and gambling markets, together with its brand reputation and results-oriented mindset, TVBET’s design transfers modernity, workability, quality and reliability.

Besides, a new image is designed to demonstrate a strong brand spirit and leadership potential. It is noteworthy that new design toolkit allows the company orient its activity on both B2B and B2C promotions. Now brand elements are adjusted to the specific applications through its flexibility and user-friendly form.

“Our clients continuously developing their organizational approaches and services for the customers. We all aspire to a good communication, which is why our goal is to speak the same language with our clients and motivate them. Each component should express our key qualities – our leadership, our superiority over competitors, and benefits of cooperation,” said Peter Korpusenko, CEO TVBET.

Thus, a new design of TVBET’s logo and visual materials has been scrupulously crafted. It has been produced for all tools of marketing communications, including website, application, social media, advertising campaigns, offline events and many other. It is interesting to watch, very easy to find and interact with TVBET.

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