TVBET’s live games perfect for sports betting operators looking to expand their offering

TVBET live games
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While sports betting players may be put off by the learning curve with traditional online casino titles, TVBET’s live games – including PokerBet, JokerBet, Keno, and WheelBet – which take place in realtime, are sure to incentivise them to participate.


As part of their efforts to diversify their product portfolios, betting operators have frequently found that online casino games complement their existing offering of sporting events.

However, they often overlook the key reason why sports betting punters prefer this type of entertainment. Betting on sports is inherently differs from playing slots or virtual games, given the level of trust and player involvement.

Sporting events can be analysed by any player. Statistical information, news related to an athlete’s shape, various turns of events while watching live sports, all these factors have an impact on a player’s decision, thus making the process even more exciting. With a selection of various odds on offer, customers can choose the most suitable option for placing a bet.

Given this, the algorithms used in casino products can be off-putting for customers of a sportsbook, while betting players do not always understand the game mechanics. But what if there’s a product on the market that can satisfy the players’ need for both transparency and entertainment.

TVBET has the solution. The company’s 11 games represent the reinvention of the live streaming medium.

The well-known lottery and card games – including PokerBet, JokerBet, Keno, and WheelBet – in TVBET’s portfolio are easily recognisable all around the world and incentivise betting customers to try their hand.

Gaming process transparency is a crucial element when it comes to betting players choosing TVBET’s live-games. The TVBET team utilises the latest gaming equipment, which has recently been certified by GLI, while all of the events are broadcast in realtime ensuring that their outcomes cannot be manipulated.

Once integrated, on average TVBET’s products account for 25-30 percent of the total number of bets bookmakers receive. Given this, it comes as no surprise that the B2B provider already has already chalked up an extensive client list, with a significant number of online and land-based operators opting to the company’s live games into their platforms. More than 100 operators worldwide are now working with the provider and have seen a steady monthly growth of bets and GGR after integrating TVBET’s content.

Alongside this, TVBET’s live games are available with no integration or setup fees, making a great proposition even more attractive.

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