Uganda ups the ante on identity regulation

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The chief executive of Uganda’s National Gaming Board has announced the enactment of a new law that will increase the identity checks on all wagering activities.

Speaking at a regional meeting in mid February Edgar Agaba remarked that the regulations would apply unilaterally as of 1 March and require both the presentation of identity cards and the registering of a mobile number before players are permitted to wager.
In addition to these point of play checks the legislation will establish the minimum age for gambling at 25 years old and reportedly compel bettors to reveal the source of all money being used – how the latter is to be proven remains to be seen.
In a wide ranging statement Agaba further remarked that operators in townships had already been working towards the new regulatory framework and more regional sites were to be shut down.
“We are signing a memorandum of understanding with these local Governments to help us monitor their activities in the area and we shall always consult them when renewing their licenses,” he said.
These developments bewilderingly follow a proclamation in January that upon the expiration of all current licences gambling practice in Uganda are to be banned.
The eventual closure of all operations and the establishment of further hurdles for those looking to remain open for as long as possible could yet have a detrimental effect on public finances and provide fertile ground for illegality, such considerations however appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

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