The US Playing Card Company: the importance of a custom-made card

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In the run-up to G2E Asia, we caught up with Kyle Nicholson, brand manager of The United States Playing Card Company.


International Casino Review: How important is attending G2E Asia for your company?

Kyle Nicholson: G2E Asia is critical for The United States Playing Card Company to meet with existing and potential customers that travel from all parts of the world.

ICR: Which of your products or solutions are you highlighting for this edition of G2E Asia, and why?

KN: We continue to highlight our core playing card products and our BEE®-Tek electronic shoe.

More and more, casinos are learning about the importance of having a playing card designed for their specific climate. With the large variation in humidity throughout the region, the importance of being able to design a card is critical for them to perform every day.

Only USPC has the ability to serve all of these casinos with a custom-made card.

Dealers and casinos who want the most reliable shoe on the market prefer the BEE-Tek® shoe. The core technology continues to deliver unmatched performance compared to other shoes in the market.

ICR: What will be your focuses in the Asia-Pacific region in 2018, are you expanding in a particular product segment, or entering any new markets etc?

KN: We continue to focus on growing throughout Asia, as gambling grows and becomes legal in more places.

ICR: What would you identify as the distinctive features of the Macau market? On the product front, where do you think the market is leading in terms of trends?

KN: The properties in Macau will continue to get more sophisticated, and we will see many new technologies tested. However, we expect casinos will often learn that having reliable and consistent products that they can be confident in, results in the best ROI for the casino.

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