USA: The urban legend of Glenn Straub

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This month we’ve been dealt a three of a kind as we venture to the combustible United States of America for a quick tour that includes the comeback that no one wanted, a token gesture that won’t really help all that much and an invention that should never have seen the light of day.

There’s an urban legend that if you’re on the north east coast of the USA and say the name “Glenn Straub” three times he’ll appear and claim to own the property you’re in regardless of planning permission, legality or sanity. Furthermore it would transpire someone has being doing just that at New Jersey’s Ocean Resorts.

In an interview with the Press of Atlantic City, the former Revel Casino owner, which is now Ocean, has claimed he still has investments in the town just as state legislators and council officials thought they’d seen the last of their most bothersome guest.

First and foremost it has been revealed that Straub continues to hold rights to various parking fees at the newly-rebranded property, something that will run for a period of 99 years, up until the developer is a whopping 170 years old.

He currently owns more than 40 properties in the town’s south inlet, including several on the iconic boardwalk so it seems that the man is here to stay.
Also in the interview Straub confirmed that he was suitably interested in the vacant Bader Field site, which he is apparently ready to spend $70m to buy. This comes as a strange revelation however as upon recent evaluations the former airfield is priced at around $155m.

Down in Reno Nevada the Atlantis casino resort is taking action against the biggest ills of society, not the labour strikes in the state, but plastic straws.

The Reno Gazette Journal reports that the premises will only supply a straw to patrons upon request after slowly phasing them out.

Atlantis spokeswoman Tracie Barnthouse commented that there will be no outright ban because some players prefer to use them and as we all know, the customer is unfortunately always right.

Whilst Atlantis is quite suitably named for a property fighting for the health of our oceans, there are surely bigger fish to fry, or if bosses truly cared, no fish to fry, serve or even stock, considering industrial fishing accounts for roughly one fifth of ocean plastic waste, no the paltry tenths of a percent that straws do.

Meandering over to Michigan we find news from WWMT TV that the Gun Lake casino in the west of the state has decided that drinking shots is far too old fashioned for today’s millennial market and now offers a short, strong beverage that can be vapourised and inhaled.

That’s right, vaping, the scourge of unventilated offices everywhere with its strange inhalation noises and plumes of revoltingly bilious scents have got the adult treatment in the good old US of A.

Costing five american dollars and a reported first in the entire nation the Vapshot is served as a balloon and apparently takes its toll almost instantly.

Jeffrey Sorensen, community relations coordinator at the casino said, “It gives our guests something new and exciting to try.

“It something unique and different that most places don t have. We are the first casino in the country and then we are also the first business in Michigan to have this.”

What a world we live in, and here’s the rest of us actually drinking our fluids (not through straws of course) like a bunch of liquid luddites.

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