Vela Gaming unveils Mobile-In-Mobile-Out technology

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Vela Gaming showcased its game changing new Mobile-In-Mobile-Out technology at G2E Asia, a unique new solution which allows customers to transfer their play to and from a mobile device.

Malaysia-based Vela Gaming spotlighted its innovative new Mobile-In-Mobile-Out (MIMO) concept at G2E Asia for the first time this May.

The technology behind MIMO allows players to transfer their slot game – including their current credit – to a mobile device simply by scanning a QR code.

“One of the challenges facing the casino industry is the need to adapt to address changing play styles,” stated Danny Too, a director at Vela Gaming.

“Player retention is key, by offering customers the freedom to continue to play off the casino floor – whether in their hotel room, a restaurant, or on the move – MIMO has the potential to breathe new life into the slot sector.”

Among the applications for the new technology, Vela Gaming is looking towards the cruise ship gaming market, a growing segment across Asia from Goa’s floating casinos, to single-ship enterprises sailing out of Singapore and Hong Kong, and large international cruise companies focused on capturing China’s burgeoning outbound tourism growth.

MIMO combines the flexibility of TITO, allowing the player to cash out on one machine and cash in on another, with the convenience of being able to play anywhere on a property or vessel.

“Given space limitations, casinos on-board cruise ships can be quite cramped and this is a factor which can impact on play time,” Too explained. “By permitting players to continue their favourite game in a location of their choice, MIMO can help operators overcome this challenge.

“Additionally, in certain countries in Asia there can be a social stigma surrounding gambling. However, MIMO allows customers to play in a setting where they feel most comfortable, which might not necessarily be as public as the casino floor.”

Smaller operators can also benefit from MIMO, which by shifting gameplay onto a mobile device, allows them to host a greater number of players at one time.

“We’ve seen significant interest from visitors to the show, who were impressed by MIMO’s potential” Too continued. “It’s still early days for the technology but for us, our presentation at G2E Asia has been a strong statement of intent for Vela Gaming.

“We’re committed to providing solutions which will help drive the development of the gaming industry in the 21st century,” he concluded.

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