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As VizExplorer gets set to display its range of solutions for the Australasian market at this August’s AGE, Fivos Polymniou, the firm’s head of International Sales, explains how the company is breaking new ground with its open technological ecosystem.

International Casino Review: With a number of Casino Management Systems on the market, what makes VizExplorer’s solutions stand out from the crowd?

Fivos Polymniou: VizExplorer provides an operational intelligence platform that integrates multiple disparate data sources (casino management systems included) and overlays a sophisticated set of solutions that deliver intelligent data insights from across the entire gaming operation, and tools to enable real-time data-driven decision-making by stakeholders in every department. Our solutions are also unique in that they form an open ecosystem of technologies that provide capabilities highly sought after by casino operators today, including gaming floor optimisation, marketing automation and intelligence, sales enablement for advanced player development, and smart technical and customer service automation.

ICR: Could you give a run-through of some of the key solutions in your product portfolio and what they can bring to a casino venue?

Casino Review VizExplorer Fivos Polymniou
Fivos Polymniou

FP: VizExplorer’s core solutions enable enterprises to address smart space and profit optimisation, marketing campaign management, sales and customer service, and technical service within a casino setting, including: floorViz, an advanced space optimization solution to increase profits and maximise gaming floor revenues. campaignViz, a marketing campaign management solution, complete with test and control to deliver the most effective, well targeted offers that generate the best marketing ROI. hostViz, a robust CRM tool featuring advanced player management and development capability for hosts, and team performance reporting for host managers. greetViz, a customer service automation solution to dynamically respond to guests in real-time to drive loyalty and return visits. techVizOps, a real-time service and dispatch management solution to maximise efficiency of your service department and drive slot floor profitability. VizExplorer also partners with other vendors in the gaming industry to deliver joint solutions to provide value or solve particular business challenges for casino operators. We announced several of these casino solutions in 2017: SocialLink™ for OpenWager to turn social gaming into incremental visits; and CashInsite™ with Everi IQ to use player transaction behavior to drive marketing promotions

ICR: Where has VizExplorer seen success in 2017, what have been some of your highlights this year?

FP: VizExplorer has continued its explosive growth with a series of new tribal and commercial customers. A few highlights from the last 12 months: Multi-year ELAs with two very large gaming tribes in the United States. These customers have committed to using the entire VizExplorer line (current and future technologies) which is a strong validation of our solutions. It helps showcase to other operators how VizExplorer can benefit the entire enterprise – both gaming and non-gaming business operations. VizExplorer is expanding internationally: we recently signed our first gaming customers in Mexico, in Africa and in England. We also announced a strategic partnership with Monegasque company i-magine for Western Europe, and I recently joined the company to lead international sales. VizExplorer is evolving our product development approach with key strategic partnerships with companies in the gaming industry, including casino cash management solution provider Everi Payments and social casino platform provider OpenWager. While we maintain our core solutions, we are developing an open ecosystem of technology solutions that meet the needs and solve the business challenges faced by today’s modern gaming operator.

ICR: When was VizExplorer founded, how has your business developed over time?

FP: We started building BI solutions for casinos in 2008. Seeing the need for deeper intelligence and operational tools to help business owners take action in response to the data they were starting to uncover, we evolved into a software company more focused on delivering an operational intelligence platform. Today, we are proud to give casino operators the ability to access and interact with their data in ways they never had previously, to make decisions based on what they are uncovering in the analysis, and to start to develop continuous improvement processes to ensure better business outcomes and to further optimise revenues.

ICR: Where will the focus be for VizExplorer this year, do you have any solutions in development or are you expanding into any new markets?

FP: Our business continues to evolve and we look forward to taking it to new heights in the next year. We are especially focused on entering new international markets and in developing strategic partnerships with other industry vendors who seek to deliver joint solutions that solve business challenges facing modern casino operator.

ICR: How long have you been working in the Australasian market and which of your solutions has been most successful in the region?

FP: VizExplorer opened an office in New Zealand a decade ago, and we have been serving leading gaming operators from Australia to Macau since 2013. To ensure the appropriate product-market fit for the Australasia market, we have packaged a set of core solutions – floorViz for gaming floor optimisation, campaign- Viz for marketing campaign automation and techVizOps for intelligent maintenance and automated dispatch – that are relevant for casino operators internationally.

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