VizExplorer redefine how operators see their businesses at G2E

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Leading provider of operational intelligence solutions for the casino gaming industry VizExplorer, welcomed hundreds of customers to its booth for meetings and product demonstrations at this year’s G2E.


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]an Diego-based operational intelligence (OI) solutions provider VizExplorer celebrated their best G2E to date, highlighting its transformational approach to analytics which allows businesses to harness their data streams to support a variety of applications.

This year’s show proved to be the company’s “busiest and best G2E to date” with upwards of 95 percent occupancy at each of VizExplorer’s demo stations throughout the three days.

VizExplorer offers a wide range of OI solutions to the casino industry, allowing businesses to analyse live, fast-changing data and take immediate action using a single toolset.

“Our product is an installation framework, the core of which is called the Data Integration Hub and it is designed to work in any gaming environment, with all an operator’s systems, bringing all this data together to support our proven applications,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO and founder of VizExplorer. “It’s not just one directional, it updates back to the source systems, where appropriate and where regulators allow.”

“The Data Integration Hub then allows us to put these lenses to deliver these solutions and that is driving our growth as a company.”

Foremost in my mind when we’re building our solutions is how can we combine all this data to help our clients make money


VizExplorer’s applications and tools enable enterprises to address smart space and profit optimisation, marketing campaign management, CRM, dispatch and service management, and customer service.

“Foremost in my mind when we’re building our solutions is how can we combine all this data to help our clients make money,” said Dr Ralph Thomas, chief data scientist at VizExplorer.

“For this year we’re developing this further and adding a layer around predictive analytics, adding a layer around real time and bringing together the data, the operators, frontline employees and the customers.”

Founded the company in 2008, VizExplorer has grown steadily over the last few years and now has 600 deployments in Europe, Asia  and the Americas.

“We have achieved maturity as a company and this is visible in the wide range of customers we’re deploying with,” Cardno adds. “We’ve become the realtime wiring that drives applications in the industry, our products start with advanced analytics, go into reporting, campaign management, player development and slot dispatch – we’re transforming each part of the business we touch.

“Our business is the business of providing the data that casinos live and breath on, your hotel food and beverage slots, table, cage and any other data streams, flowing realtime into models that Dr Thomas built and   into clear and comprehensive user interfaces which aid in formulating player development strategy,” he said.

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