VizExplorer’s new table games solution gives operators insights into the table game data “black hole”

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Bradley Reckamp, an industry specialist at VizExplorer, discusses what’s missing in table game analytics, as the company gets set to present its solutions at the 2017 edition of G2E Las Vegas.


Casino operators today lack an accurate view of table game performance and related player data.

While slot data is readily available and extraordinarily accurate, table game data is still referred to as the black hole.

Despite technology advances on the gaming floor, the industry still does not properly track:

  • Rated Data – Manually rating table game players leads to inaccurate recording of players’ time of play, average bet, buy in amount, etc.
  • Game Speed – Highly volatile and influenced by individual players; static game speed calculations are not accurate.
  • Game Theo (Side Bets) – Assigning a single theoretical hold to a game leads to inaccurate ratings as total game theo changes with every new side bet.

In short, inaccurate data leads to unreliable table and player valuation, resulting in player marketing campaigns based on instinct rather than analytics.

Even with good rated data, casinos still use a static hands per hour (HPH) count to measure game speed, which also leads to incorrect table performance analysis and player valuation models.

Visitors to G2E will have the opportunity to demo the industry’s first optical bet tracking and table game performance analysis solution which takes the pain out of rating players, and gives operators tools to target table game players with measurable marketing campaigns for the first time.”




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