What’s new with BetInvest’s online platform

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Focusing on major software updates, with innovative UX/UI design and frontend solutions, BetInvest is offering a new approach to business development.


The BetInvest platform solutions are known for their flexibility, simplicity and speed, and this remains the case with their new and updated package of services.

Capable of fulfilling any client’s needs, the upgraded platform, certified in Malta, Romania, Croatia, and Belarus, allows fast and flexible integration of new providers for specific regions.

Attractive and customisable design is supplemented with a new frontend and full integration with the new CMS, which was developed by BetInvest specialists. Among its best features is the fully flexible, platform-wide management of content, which can be configured to unique desktop, tablet or mobile layouts.

Thanks to their innovative ideas,  a bespoke service can be provided that allows clients to configure and replace the set of components responsible for site features such as the sports menu, teasers, and top events.

Additionally, the CMS provided by BetInvest gives clients an amazing opportunity to customise and personalise their own platform in order to optimise it for specific markets.

Making use of Figma software, an innovative platform for white label solutions that allows  clients to dynamically revamp their site, providing the perfect means of connecting with users through eye-catching and emotive design.

Furthermore, BetInvest has developed a new set of features aimed at the verification process. Highly secure, international document verification accompanied with a quick and easy registration form is sure to attract new customers.

Using machine learning, the updated service can segment games, creating new categories with automatic recommendations to players. In addition, the platform allows user segments to be divided according to specific features, providing the added flexibility of being able to block specific content or the entire site for certain user segments.

BetInvest responds to client demands, giving them the opportunity to make their own aesthetic choices when and how they desire, is proof of our commitment to a client-oriented approach.

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