No progress on slot machines at Wichita Greyhound Park

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While Ruffin is set to embark on a potentially lucrative new venture in Florida, the billionaire’s efforts to get approval to add slot machines to the currently closed Wichita Greyhound Park continue to be thwarted.

The dog track shut up shop in 2007, with Ruffin contending that it was not economically viable to continue the business without slots.
“We’ve done a lot for Kansas. We have big investments there. We employ a lot of people, but it doesn’t matter. Some people are just opposed to what we’re trying to do. You’ve got to remember you’re never a hero in your own backyard. There’s always people who oppose you for whatever reason,” he explained.
Ruffin added that while he would like to reopen the track, he will hold on pushing for slots again for the present.
“We’ve tried every year, and we don’t seem to get anywhere,” he says. “They keep saying that there’s no support for it in Wichita, and we think there would be this time. We think we could win it this time if it would ever go back for a vote.”