Zitro participates in Global Gaming Women Conference at EEGS

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The Global Gaming Women conference took place at EEGS recently in Sofia with Zitro’s Sales Manager, Nadège Teyssedre, discussing her take on the industry.


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he leading video bingo developer, Zitro, confirmed its commitment to sharing experience and knowledge as it took part in the Global Gaming Women (GGW) conference recently.

Zitro’s Sales Manager for EMEA and Asia, Nadège Teyssedre, participated in the conference by sharing her experiences and discussing her thoughts on the industry.

Commenting on the conference which took place at this year’s Eastern European Gaming Summit, Nadège Teyssedre said “I am very pleased to have been considered for an event of these characteristics. It has been a true privilege to share my experience with other women of proven professional prestige. I am also very proud to belong to a company like Zitro, which has great women working in very important executive positions, such as our Vice president Manuela Jiménez, a well-known person within the gaming sector thanks to her vast professional experience.”

GGW’s global initiative brings together women holding high responsibility positions in some of the most influential companies in the gaming industry, with a view for them to share their experiences, career challenges and success stories from their own personal perspectives.

The event organisers stated: “We are very proud of this Global Gaming Women initiative which has held its third consecutive edition within the framework of the EEGS. We believe that an international event of these characteristics should bring together influential women within this industry so they can share their vast experience and knowledge with the audience.”

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