Zitro prepares to launch “Blazing Pearls” LAP in Asia

Blazing Pearls
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Zitro has announced it is to launch the “Blazing Pearls” LAP in Asia.

Nadège Teyssedre, regional sales manager for EMEA and Asia, said that “although players from different parts of the world may like different gaming experiences, it happens, sometimes, that a manufacturer launches one of those products that succeeds in any latitude.”

The manufacturer said that its products “mark a before and after” in the history of a company, and and are aiming to use the new offering to make an impact on the global markets.

“We believe that, for Zitro, this is the case of “Blazing Pearls” LAP, which, presented in the Fusion cabinet, has been operating with exceptional success in multiple casinos in Europe and in a huge number casinos in Mexico and various Latin American countries,” said Teyssedre.

“Today we celebrate that “Blazing Pearls” LAP reaches the continent where the legend that inspired its theme originates, and we look forward to announcing the first banks in operation soon,” added Teyssedre.

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